The Metal Carpenteria S.r.l. was founded in 1975 mainly in the field of mechanical assembly, plant maintenance and construction of components of industrial plants. The company operates in 3 different locations:

  • Operating office in Crotone in Via Avogadro – Industrial Zone. The factory insists on an area of 30,000 square meters (covered area 5,000 square meters) and an annual potential of 300,000 hours. This site also houses the office building on two levels that houses the legal, technical and administrative headquarters of the company;

  • Operating office in Crotone in Via G. Laterza – Loc. Papaniciaro. The plant insists an area of 12,000 square meters (covered area 3,200 square meters) and has an annual potential of 75,000 hours. The Electro-instrumental Division and the Maintenance Department are also located on this site;

  • Operational headquarters and technical offices in Garida di Podenzano (PC) in Via N. Copernico.

The company also has a large area at the quay of the industrial port of Crotone (available area of 55,000 square meters) in which four port cranes operate (two 100 t Gottwalds each, a 220 t Grove and a 70 tonne Liebherr t).

Over the years, thanks to the constant growth trend of the company activities and the concomitant adjustment of the organizational structure, the company Metal Carpenteria S.r.l. has obtained numerous certifications, representing the same an indispensable prerequisite for the acquisition of important orders in Italy and abroad; in particular Metal Carpenteria S.r.l .:

  • is a 4F API license
  • has obtained the qualification certificate for the execution of public works issued pursuant to Presidential Decree 207/2010 for cat. OS18-A Class. VIII
  • is qualified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and is in possession of a certificate issued by R.I.Na. N ° 4711/01
  • is the Center of Transformation accredited by the Central Technical Service of the Superior Council of Public Works
  • is certified according to ISO 3834-2 for special welding processes;
  • is certified according to EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-2.

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