Metalinea S.r.l. born September 10, 2009 by its founding members Mariaelena Alessandrini and Gerard Tortù. In the first years of activity, he mainly carried out his activity in the furniture sector, designing, producing and marketing kitchen accessories in wire and metal sheet. Over the years, the available technology has been used to perform bending and stamping bending operations applicable to various sectors such as agriculture, construction and engineering in general. The production plant is located in Mosciano Sant’Angelo (TE), where 9 resources are currently used.

The company has an excellent banking rating and over time has built its strength by deciding to supply only reliable customers. Although the core business proceeded regularly and the company was still profitable, the particular economic situation, which has strongly impacted consumer demand, prompted the company to diversify its production by evaluating new ideas and initiatives.

At the beginning of 2013 the Edilcanapa project was born with the aim of creating a short production chain: from cultivation to the first processing of Canapa Sativa.

Edilcanapa products are premixed (plasters and mortars) and manufactured (blocks and panels) for green building made of hemp and lime. They are highly performing products in terms of thermoacoustic and anti-seismic insulation. A diversification that has led to the growth of the company both economic and cultural, introducing it into a new niche market, that of eco-sustainable and biocompatible buildings.

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