Specialist Advice

Leonardo progetti

Company operating in the environmental, energy and business consulting sectors in research and development programs

The Leonardo Progetti S.r.l. is a company whose members’ individual experiences, matured over the years with different specializations and qualifications, have merged to offer, to an increasingly demanding and diversified market, a “full service” in the environmental and energy sectors, business consultancy in research and development programs, take care of innovation projects by offering support from the editorial staff to the reporting and dissemination of the final results.
The organization of the company is extremely streamlined and turns to a public and private client.
Expert consultants complete the range of skills available, in order to guarantee a global and competitive service in terms of time and quality.

In the AcCa Building Project Leonardo Progetti carries out the activities of:
– project coordination and governance among the various companies;
– reporting support;
– information and publicity as set out in Annex XII “Information and communication on the support provided by the funds” of Regulation (EU) No. 1303/2013.