The Smart Specialisation Strategy

The Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) is one of the instruments envisaged by the Europe 2020 Strategy and constitutes the ex-ante conditionality for access to the ERDF funding funds for the 2014-2020 EU programming, despite having impacts on the entire programming of the ESI funds.

The implementation of a “Smart Specialization” strategy enhances the sectors / segments / areas in which the productive and cognitive fabric of the Region presents comparative advantages that already make it recognizable from the outside due to the positioning already acquired by the companies in the reference market, ie from the acquisitions achieved by its research centers in the scientific and business community on a global scale.

For the preparation of the Intelligent Specialization Strategy (S3), the Calabria Region has substantially adopted the methodology envisaged in the S3 Guide in the light of its territorial reality, identifying some areas of priority interest (Innovation Areas), including areas of interest for their current economic and social value, both areas with significant growth potential also with a new, cross-sector approach, which looks more closely at the links between different industrial value chains.
The areas of innovation in which the strategic objectives of S3 can be achieved through reorganization, systematization, re-elaboration, development and strengthening of regional identity factors are:

• Agribusiness
• Tourism and Culture
• Sustainable construction
• Logistics
• ICT and advanced tertiary sector
• Smart manufacturing
• Environment and Natural Risks
• Life Sciences

On the ResearchItaly portal there is a working section dedicated to the Smart Specialization Strategy which illustrates the study methodology adopted, making the documentation available.

The specific contents of the “Regional Strategy for innovation and smart specialization 2014-2020” relating to the Calabria Region can be downloaded from the following link:

Download Documentation


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