Identification of types and constructive elements

Identification of plant elements and monitoring

Implementation of executive projects

Prototype realization

Monitoring of environmental data

Elaboration of acquired data and model validation

Articulation of WP

The project is divided into three basic phases:
  1. Study and theoretical evaluation of possible architectural, technological and functional solutions to be effectively realized by means of a steel structure, the compartments (internal and external, horizontal and vertical) with materials based on hemp, the use of other eco-sustainable materials.

    Drafting of three projects related to residential buildings (one with a single-family character to be conceived for a terraced location, a multi-family house on three levels) and an industrial one. Type of activity: Industrial research

    • WP1: Identification of types and constructive elements for the construction of the buildings according to the prefixed objectives,
    • WP2: Identification of plant and monitoring elements,
    • WP3: Realization of three executive projects according to the typologies and technologies referred to WP1 and WP2 and verification of construction and monitoring phases.
  2. Realization of one of the designed buildings (single-family residential) with experimentation for the achievement of indoor environmental comfort quality (UNI EN 15251 standard), safety and energy efficiency, which contains significant characteristics of innovation and concrete possibilities of placing on the commercial market.

    Type of activity: Experimental development.
    • WP4: WP4: prototype realization,
    • WP5: Monitoring of indoor environmental data.
  3. Elaboration of prototype data and validation of the models at the base of the design. Type of activity: Industrial research
    • WP6: Processing of acquired data and validation of models with possible adjustments.