Design idea

Ac.Ca. Building defines a constructive system for the realization of eco-sustainable buildings starting from the study of innovative design and construction solutions with a high degree of environmental compatibility.

In defining the constructive system we intend to combine the quality and economy characteristic of the prefabricated components with a flexible industrial use and customizable in aesthetic-formal terms by the designer and/or the user. From a constructive point of view, the repertoire is focused on the use of steel supporting structures and complementary components (internal closures and partitions) based on products made of hemp and hydraulic lime. The proposed construction technology is the dry technology, which refers to mechanical connections, with the aim of reducing the use of wet binders.

The experimental development phase of the project involves the creation of a prototype that exemplifies the innovation profiles intrinsic to the “Ac.Ca. Building” proposal and has real possibilities of placing on the commercial market allowing the competitive strengthening, both technical and commercial, of the enterprises. constituting the ATS Ac.Ca. Building as part of the agreement enshrined in effective collaboration.

Da un punto di vista tipologico il prototipo sarà sviluppato con riferimento al settore della residenza mono familiare ed avrà una superficie prossima a 60 mq distribuita su un unico livello e secondo un layout consistente in quattro ambienti: un soggiorno/cucina, due camere da letto ed un locale servizi.

From the continuous monitoring of the chemical-physical variables of the prototype, the necessary feedback will be obtained for the validation of the innovative processes introduced by the project. In particular, in the microclimate under study, the indoor thermohygrometric characteristics will be measured, the ventilation of the confined environment, the light intensity, the sound absorption, the air quality (amount of CO2), the localized thermal dis-comfort (air currents, floor temperature and radiant asymmetries), 3D accelerations, electromagnetic fields present.

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