For the realization of the project have been foreseen:

18 months – for the first phase, study and theoretical evaluation of possible architectural, technological and functional solutions, with the drafting of three projects related to residential buildings (one with a single-family character to be conceived for a terraced location, one multi-family on three levels) and industrial; within this period work packages 1, 2 and 3 are realized;

10 months – for the second phase involving the construction of one of the designed buildings (single-family residential) with experimentation for the achievement of indoor environmental comfort quality (UNI EN 15251 standard), safety and energy efficiency; within this period work packages 4 and 5 are carried out;

4 months – for the processing of the prototype data and the validation of the models at the base of the design (work package 6).

The overlapping of some project phases allowed to foresee a total time of realization of the project of 24 months; considering the start of activities at the beginning of November 2017, completion should take place in November 2019.